Religion fuels another kind of vaccine denial

Back in mid-March a unique news item was reported by Fox 11 out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. As it turns out that, despite overwhelming evidence that vaccines are safe, some parents are still refusing to vaccinate their children. However, the decision by one mother named Jennifer Swalheim profiled had nothing to do with concerns about autism or measles, but had to do with abortion. She states she decided to look into how vaccines are made and discovered that the Rubella porting of the vaccine is made using cell lines from aborted fetuses. Consequently, since Swalheim is a born-again Christian and opposes abortion, she opted not to vaccinate her new born baby.

Fox 11 posed this point to the Center for Disease Control and they responded by saying:

“The rubella component of MMR was grown in a human cell line derived from a legally aborted fetus, aborted in Europe in the early 1960s…”

The agency goes on to point out that the MMR vaccine does not contain cells from aborted fetuses. Even a Catholic Bioethics center stresses that the cells used in the vaccine’s production are descendent cells and not actual cells from an aborted fetus. Furthermore, the CDC also states that the cells multiple purification processes and are not in the final MMR vaccine product. Even doctors who are against abortion recommend MMR vaccinations for kids.

The whole affair surrounding anti-vaccine sentiments isn’t just limited to environmentalists it is also being fueled by religion. The fact remains that vaccines are safe and effective to protect actual human life and do entail any actual, living beings. Even at some point Evangelical and (most recently) the Catholic Church have weighed in in favor of environmentalist-oriented causes such as preventing global warming. In this case you see one more example of how faith can lead to the deaths of others in this case a mother’s fear of sinning against God is considered paramount to her over the life of her child and (which I hope it never happens) the lives of others if her son contracts measles, mumps or rubella.