Animal “rights” groups accused of mink deaths

Some shocking news out of Ontario, Cananda. Animal rights activists are suspected as being behind the deaths of over 100 minks from a farm in St. Mary’s. According to The Whig, Glenn Wood Fur Farm employees arrived at work to discover approximately 1500 nursing female minks released from their cages. Many of the animals died overnight from exposure to cold, fights or being run over by cars.

Fortunately, almost all of the released minks were recovered but some did die or escape. However, because there is no way for employees to match the mink babies with their mothers, more deaths may occur since the mothers may reject the offspring. A swath of the north side fence was cut and the front gate opened is what lead Glen Wood personnel conclude the mink release was intentional. Back in August 2013 the Animal Liberation Front released almost 800 mink and 50 foxes at an animal farm near Simcoe.

This is the trade off and the sick, demented and twisted mentality of animal rights activists in which it is clear that the animals were intentionally released with the goal of liberating the minks. They intentionally and illegally broke into Glenn Wood Fur Farm and released the animals that were owned by the farm and now a generation of minks will die. The people who let these minks go decided that the animals deserved to die since they were polluted or used for productive purposes by man. One other way to deny people comfortable clothing for luxurious reasons grounded in the hatred of prosperity.