Wheat experiment fails, environmentalists cheer

Environmentalists recently cheered the failure of an experiment of a genetically modified wheat produced to reduce insecticide use. The test was conducted at Rothamsted Research laboratories in England which is one of the oldest and most respected agricultural experiment research institutions in the world.

According to Science 2.0, groups like the Union of Concerned Scientists and National Resource Defense Council were still suspicious because the wheat used a phoneme alarm trick that mint plants utilize to drive away insects.

Back in 2012 Rothamsted Research conducted a similar experiment that attracted the outrage of over 200 anti-GMO activists who tried to raid the institution’s property. One protester, who was later arrested, was able to sneak in and damage the GMO wheat crop.

Since environmentalists are anti-human to the core, their attacks on biotechnological experimentation facilities and genetically modified foods overall makes sense. There is no better way to kill off humans than to severely limit the food supply by destroying a means of enhancing it using science.