Ann Coulter is an elitist, ignorant, stupid ass

Author and conservative commentator Ann Coulter was on an episode of John Stossel’s show on Fox News Channel this month discussing immigration. From what I have read of her book and after seeing this interview it is clear she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Her new book Adios, America, like her others, is nothing but commentary or at best is a manifesto. There are no facts or figures given to back up her assertions which makes her no better than Leftist shock jock Naomi Klein.

During the interview, Stossel presents Coulter with a number of facts about immigration and how they are great for the economy as well as add to our culture. She not only denies the evidence but makes cynical, baseless accusations, and unsubstantiated assumptions. For example, she claims immigrants that come from corrupt cultures are a product of their environment and will bring the country’s crooked ways with them, most of the immigrants coming here are from Mexico and that immigrants are being brought in to be bodies for the Left. If importing Latin Americans are so bad, I guess she has never spent time in Miami and its huge Latin American population. To Coulter, the push for immigration is part of some elaborate conspiracy in order to destroy the United States. While most of her conclusions are not based on facts, to people like Coulter it makes no difference. Like Klein, Coulter is nothing more than a ignorant, stupid ass who not only takes pride in her elitist, condescending tone toward people who disagree with her facts. Coulter is only in the business to sell books and gain publicity based how much she can entertain her audience.

If Coulter was serious she would admit she is wrong after being presented the evidence Stossel brings up. Then again, if she did then it could hurt her reputation and the money, fame and publicity that goes along with it. This is not to say the United States should not have any rules to prevent criminals or terrorists from entering or secure its border (it should). Also, it is healthy to be suspicious about policies furthered by ideological groups and groups or cultures should not be looked at or accepted uncritically. It was wrong for President Obama to pursue his immigration deportation exemptions since they were attempts to make end runs around Congress and the law. But the fact remains that immigration is a boon and not a bust for countries that admit them. I have no doubt that, like others on the Right, Coulter is basing much of her talking points on information the Center for Immigration Studies and its cousin groups which are environmentalist fronts whose founder, John Tanton, was not only a Sierra Club member but are also is backed by pro-eugenics donations.

2 thoughts on “Ann Coulter is an elitist, ignorant, stupid ass

    1. I don’t agree that she is racist or has a racial agenda. Some of her comments could be taken as such if someone who has preconceived notions against her will take her comments out of context. To her credit, she is reeling against political correctness and attempts to stamp out criticism based on ethnic identity which is in itself a form of racism.

      Coulter is, however, a talking head in the same vain as Naomi Klein in which personalities offer little value in terms of intellectual discourse. She has gotten famous by how much she can get under people’s skin and not based on any substance.


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