Journalists bribed to write about climate change doom-and-gloom

A shocking, but not altogether surprising, story out of New Zealand. A journalist for the online home of the New Zealand magazine Investigate Daily cites a recent press release as evidence that the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Greenpeace and the Hong Kong-based charity Oxfam have been bribing journalists to write climate change scare stories. This being done to set the stage for Paris climate change talks coming up later this year.

The article’s author, Ian Wishart, reports the bribes were conducted as ego-boosting awards, global travel in airlines and money payouts are detailed in the press release put out by the UNDP that is headed by former New Zealand Labour Party Prime Minister Helen Clark. Such payouts not only break the law but also abridge the journalist code of ethics to not be incentivized in any way to give favorable coverage.

However, Wishart points out that those rules have been ignored recently as journalism awards have been used to reward writers who generate news stories that toes the human induced climate change line. Wishers alleges New Zealand channel TV3 that has continuously covered climate-related stories with the help of Greenpeace and Oxfam. If you would like to read the press release Ian Wishart is referring to, you can read it here.

The methods climate alarmists and their environmentalist allies will use to spin their narrative know no bounds. These financial payouts as revealed in the UNDP press release goes to show that governmental agencies, like the United Nations, and groups, like Greenpeace, have no ethical scruples and will use any means necessary in order to ensure that their anti-human agenda is enacted. Millions of people donate money to charities like Oxfam or the UNDP thinking that they’re helping to eliminate poverty. In reality, the environmentalist movement combats scientific products to feed poor people in developing countries, like GMO rice, and they promote global warming hype in order to keep starving people in poverty.