Hillary Clinton endorses more carbon emissions, opposes Keystone pipeline

In a not altogether surprising announcement today, The Washington Post reports Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton decided to stand with environmentalists by coming out against the Keystone XL pipeline. The Post quotes Clinton’s communications director as saying:

Having the experience of being a former Secretary of State distinguishes her and her candidacy, but it comes with responsibilities that can at times limit her, Palmieri said. But we know the experience is well worth whatever price she may politically.

For Clinton to side with environmentalists on this goes to show that she and her green backers prefer more carbon emissions. If pipelines are not an option, transportation of oil takes place by water, truck, or train which results in more carbon emissions and the likelihood of increased accidents by one of those three methods. When more pollution results from oil transportation and the media reports this, environmentalists use such press coverage to make the case for more controls and other regulations that make transportation and even usage of those methods more difficult. This, in turn, restricts not only the flow of oil and other fossil fuels but ratchets up the price.

If oil spills result from barge accidents on rivers or lakes occur, environmentalists not only scold the company(ies) involved but also call for and applaud the enactment of (you guessed it) more rules to make transportation by water or sea harder. The end goal is to gradually halt the use of fossil fuels which are alleged to contribute largely to climate change. Environmentalists want more carbon pollution from oil company transportation methods so they can be condemned by green groups down the line so that all human activity (including our existence) will eventually come to a grinding halt. That is the ideology President Obama and Hillary Clinton have sided with.