Anti-GMO group sues UCSD to harass GMO scientists

The Davis Enterprise reports that the anti-GMO group US Right to Know is suing UC Davis demanding the university hand over public records related to its work on genetically modified foods, pesticides and any collaboration with the agriculture industry. The group claims it has only received 751 pages of documentation from UC Davis as opposed to the thousands they allege they get from other universities.

The group further alleges that the UC Davis Food Center has received funding from corporations like Monsanto and groups like the Genetic Literacy Project. A charge UC Davis denies.

During February of 2015, a Discover magazine blogger uncovered efforts by anti-GMO activists to use intimidation tactics in order to silence support for biotechnological foods (GMO). During that same time, Keith Floor of Science reported that US Right to Know (USRTK) filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to obtain the names of scientists who have written articles on the website GMO Answers. GMO Answers is funded by food and biotechnology companies, respectfully.

USRTK Executive Director Gary Ruskin claims he wants to find out the link between universities and businesses and to what extent they are part of the GMO (his words) PR machine. He thinks anyone who supports GMO science is on the take. However, Keith Floor did some looking into Ruskin’s allegation and found none of the scientists posting at GMO Answers are connected to the GMO, agriculture or food companies (such as Monsanto) in any way.

Even if there was some sort of collaboration or funding, so what? That is not proof of bias or a conspiracy which US Right to Know is obviously fishing for. US Right to Know was founded in 2014 and is supported largely by environmentalists. Since environmentalists are anti-human to the core, their attacks on biotechnological experimentation and foods makes sense. There is no better way to kill off humans than to severely limit the food supply by destroying a means of enhancing it using science.