Aussie parents slandered by anti-vaxxers for showing pertussis baby video

Sandra and Turtool Tanrikulu opted not to vaccinate their daughter, Heidi, and are now paying a high price that is literally a matter of life and death. Realizing their mistake, Sandra decided she was going to raise awareness not only about her decision but also educate other parents on the necessity of vaccination.

According to the UK Daily Mail, Mrs Tanrikulu posted a video on her Facebook page which, as of this essay, has been viewed almost 500,000 times. Consequently, Mrs. Tee’s video garnered her the wrath of anti-vaccine activists.

Heidi contracted whooping cough after her brother was infected at a local daycare. Not only has it been hard on the couple to keep their children apart but the husband and wife take turns nursing Heidi round the clock at a Sydney hospital administering oxygen when necessary.

What was frightening for Sandra and Turtool, as the UK Daily Mail points out, is that Heidi’s cough started off relatively minor. Shortly thereafter Heidi choked on her mucus causing her to stop breathing. The parents administered CPR to their baby girl while rushing Heidi to the Emergency Room. Since then, the apnea episodes have gotten worse.

What happened to the Tanrikulus is not only the ultimate price people (especially parents) pay when people do not vaccinate. The Tanrikulus are absolutely right that babies are especially vulnerable when they are not immunized. The population depends on herd immunity so people are kept safe from disease and sickness. The Tanrikulus probably found some bad information on the internet when doing research on vaccines, most likely from anti-vaccine group websites. The baby featured in the photo for this post and Heidi Tanrikulu shown in the below video are faces of the suffering anti-vaccine groups (who are an outgrowth of the environmentalist movement) want us to endure. This being done so human beings have miserable lives of suffering and even death rather than prosperity and life.

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    1. I completely agree and thank you for your comments. The moral crime isn’t just that anti-vaccine groups are lying, but that environmentalists are playing (what looks like) a very large role in promoting it as part of their attempts to kill off human beings.


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