Environmentalists support increased Zika infections

Pinellas County, Florida officials recently weighed in in favor of using genetically modified mosquitoes in order to halt the spread of the Zika virus. The area is one of the first reported sites of the disease’s outbreak in North America in which there are no medications to treat the illness or vaccines to prevent its spread. Sadly, not only do people have to suffer from the disease’s symptoms but pregnant mothers are having babies with serious birth defects.

Mosquitoes are the primary means at which Zika has advanced through, South, Central and now North America. Scientists have developed genetically modified male mosquitos that mate with female mosquitoes whose offspring die before adulthood. When the method was being considered for use in South America, Argentine environmentalists issued a false report that GMO mosquitoes were the reason why Zika spread. The report may have been the basis of a similar conspiracy theory that circulated when officials considered using GMO mosquitos to combat Zika in Florida too.

With the false story circulated by Argentine environmentalists and with environmentalist groups, like Greenpeace, steadfastly opposed to scientific advancements in genetic modifications, they certainly have blood on their hands for this outbreak in the same way their opposition to DDT resulted in massive amounts of people dying from malaria. Environmentalist opposition to genetic modification through misinformation helps spread fear and paranoia among the uninformed populace. The attack by environmentalist on biological technology is grounded in their hatred not only of science and human life (excluding theirs of course).