CO. anti-fracking group may have forged signatures

Colorado officials have decided not to allow a referendum to appear on their state’s ballot in November citing potential signature fraud. According to The Daily Caller, on Monday Secretary of State Wayne Williams announced that two proposed ballot measures aimed at adding more limitations on oil and natural gas drilling in Colorado failed to make the November ballot because supporters didn’t collect enough valid voter signatures.

The announcement came after Colorado State Department officials noticed what looked like several potentially forged signature lines on petitions for one of two ballot measures environmentalists support to enact restrictions on the drilling practice. It is the second time since 2014 that environmentalists have sought to enact new rules on hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) only to have failed.

Environmentalists failed to get a state initiative on the ballot in 2014 that would have allowed Colorado municipalities greater leeway in regulating energy production. They were successful in banning fracking in a few Colorado counties only to have the referendums overturned by the courts citing state law. Colorado has been at the forefront of the battle over using the drilling method which has been an economic boon for the state.

It’s obvious that environmentalists can’t win in the intellectual arena so, like any ideologically driven group, they resort to the political. When they can’t win in the political, they may even attempt to cheat. Despite the multitudes of studies showing hydraulic fracturing is safe, environmentalists will have their way come hell or high water. Mankind needs fossil fuels to power our civilization, but these Green Luddites deem themselves as knowing what is best for others rather than the people deciding for themselves.