Why the case of the animal “rights” activist charged for giving water to pigs matters

A very interesting trial will be under way this week, where a Canadian court will decide the fate of an animal rights activist named Anita Krajnc and what legally defines livestock could be drastically altered for sometime depending on the outcome. Despite her not guilty plea for the criminal mischief statutes she as charged with, if convicted, Krajnc faces a maximum penalty of $5000 or six months in jail for giving water to pigs in transport.

The incident that lead to Krajnc’s arraignment took place last summer in Ontario. According to National Public Radio (NPR) truck carrying pigs on the way to a local slaughterhouse stopped on the side of a road is approached by Anita Krajnc in which she asks the driver to give one of the pigs some water. The events, as transcribed by NPR from a video taken of the incident and is linked below:

He replies: “Don’t give him anything. Do not put water in there!” She says, “Jesus said if they are thirsty, give them water.”

His response: “No, you know what, these are not humans, you dumb frickin’ broad!” He threatens to call the cops as she repeatedly says, “Have some compassion.” When she attempts to insert the water bottle through a slot in the trailer for the pigs to drink, he threatens to slap it out of her hands.

Anita Krajnc’s attorneys state she was acting in the public interest, but there is something very evil underlying Krajnc’s attempt at martyrdom. Krajnc’s effort is really a sneaky attempt to give rights to animals by court decree. If the court she is tried in finds that Krajnc was correct in offering the pigs water, such a decision would open a Pandora’s Box of litigation and radically change the relation humans have to animals with animals. It would very likely result in animals being considered on par with humans in terms of recognition of rights.

In short, animal rights would be achieved by court decree and there would be little means to stop efforts to build on the legal precedent set by the Ontario court. The trucker who had the hogs under his care at the time of this incident and had every right to stop Anita Krajnc. For all he knew, the water she had could have been poisoned, rendering his cargo unusable. Animal rights groups and activists lie, cheat and their outright nihilism demonstrates they have modeled their ethics and activities after the actions of the inhabitants of the animal kingdom and prefer the savagery of nature over the civilization of man.