The dehumanization of man by environmentalism

I have posted this video before and am re-posting it again. The Eternal Human explores the dehumanization of mankind at the hands of environmentalists and is in many ways a remake of the Nazi propaganda film The Eternal Jew. Environmentalist philosophy strongly resembles Nazi thought since it values nature intrinsically and sees human beings as a cancer to be extracted from the face of the Earth. Nazis also had a mystical reverence for nature and saw Jews as a cancer on Earth in the same way environmentalists view nature and humans.

There is a strain of environmentalist thought named Deep Ecology in which one author explains:

Deep Ecologists push radical depopulation, perhaps to as few as 500 million people worldwide, as the best medicine to cure the human infection and again permit nature to flourish. Some believers have become advocates of thinning the world’s population through genocide, abortion, euthanasia, pestilence, famine and war. But some Deep Ecologist are actively pursuing this objective now with whatever means are available as we stand by and watch from the sidelines.

He goes on to point out:

Another dark aspect of this religious movement is that it spawns religious fanatics, such as the Earth Liberation Front (ELF), that believe terrorism (such as the destruction of property and threatening human lives) is justified in the name of their eco-religious beliefs.

Essentially, Deep Ecology is a kind of religious belief that groups, like EarthFirst! and, ALF, ELF & PETA, are based. The philosophy reveres the primitive while simultaneously preaching hatred of humans and civilization.