Why environmentalists are not “wacko” or “clueless”

The Washington Free Beacon posted a story at its website titled (ion part) Wacko Environmentalists Are Clueless. The publication reports on an environmentalist group named Walk the Line who is conducting a walk along the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s route in Virginia. This being done in order to highlight the natural environment and in a way to claim the pipeline would ruin the beautiful Virginia scenery.

As the Free Beacon‘s report points out, the state is home to over two thousand miles of underground pipeline including one that runs under the path of the protesters themselves. It is unlikely, Free Beacon reporter Bret Scher states, that the pipeline will have any lasting impact on the Virginia landscape.

However, it is a mistake for The Washington Free Beacon or any other news outlet or personality on the political right to assume that environmentalists are clueless or somehow misguided. If the words and actions of the protesters at Standing Rock, North Dakota who stood in opposition to the North Dakota Area Pipeline are any indication, it is abundantly clear environmentalists (if not the entire political left) are not stupid and quite clear about what their underlying intent is.

The environmentalist’s battle cry Keep it in the ground is their way of saying they will do anything possible to stop industrialized countries from using fossil fuels. The result being the West’s way of life is destroyed in favor of the environmentalist primitive ideal since fossil fuels are the basis of the energy sources we in the West use to have our lifestyles. Consequently, environmentalists will use research based on false or questionable conclusions or even outright lie to achieve their aims.

In short, calling environmentalists activists and groups like Walk the Line clueless or wacko is too kind when taking into account the words and actions of their prior and present activities. Greens are quite clear about their efforts, upfront about their intentions and deserve to be subjected to an insurmountable amount of scorn and ridicule. Environmentalists who protest against fossil fuels and using other Earth resources for the betterment of human life are of the ultimate evil.