EDF head humiliated, stonewalled during interview

Since the election of President Donald Trump, environmentalists have not been very active. Greenpeace and PETA conduct occasional protests and complain about certain proposals, but it is to be expected. When President Obama was in office, there were lots of news stories to blog about.

It was a much more target-rich environment with Obama in office. However, it is good their activities have slowed down considerably. Environmentalists are either licking their wounds, awaiting the chance to revive themselves at the right moment, or the posts on this blog contributed to their loss of momentum.

Politico published a very revealing commentary by a former employee of the U.S. State Department. In his essay, Max Bermann complains about the hatchet Tillerson has taken to State. For example, employees are not allowed lateral transfers, he has ordered for every employee hired three more must be cut and cancelled the class of incoming foreign service officers.

While the mainstream media obsesses about President Trump’s boisterous tweets against CNN, he and members of his cabinet can get things like what Tillerson is doing done. Environmentalists were not happy with Rex Tillerson’s appointment either. Below is an interview Tucker Carlson had with Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) head Fred Krupp when Rex Tillerson was announced as the President’s pick.