#MOGA – Make Objectivism Great Again!

Sadly, with the election of Donald Trump, many high profile Objectivist scholars and intellectuals with the Ayn Rand Institute have swerved to the Left in their politics and ideology. The below video goes into the split among them and reveals not only the intrinsic rationalizations being made now for policies, such as open immigration, but also lowering our guard against Islamic totalitarianism.

This is due to many Objectivists treating the philosophy as a political ideology which it clearly is not. If it is a philosophy based on reason then people, such as Ayn Rand Institute board member Yaron Brook, would not be afraid to debate. Lindsay Perigo, an Objectivist out of New Zealand, has issued a clarion call for Objectivists to not just reject the Obleftivism of the Ayn Rand Institute but to return Objectivism to its roots.