Journalist: Left’s Culture War Will Never End

Tucker Carlson had a very thought provoking guest on his Fox News program. John Daniel Davidson authored an interesting commentary at The Federalist stating that the political divide in America is becoming more partisan to the point where the extremes that divide the Left and the Right are becoming the new normal, and they are moving even further apart.

Consequently, people on both sides are becoming more radicalized. In the case of the political Left it is to the point where they are not only conducting violence but are coming to the point where they deny the fundamental foundations of the United States. On the Right more people are becoming conservatives less willing to compromise on core beliefs, on the Left it is a larger clarion call for civilization’s destruction.

Years ago, it used to be that the Right had the more violent elements among its ranks with groups like anti-abortion groups seeking to attack abortion clinics and murder abortion doctors. In many ways, they are still there. However, the violent elements of the Left have grown considerably and the ranks of liberals endorsing violence and intolerance against their political opponents is significantly higher due to the violent Left’s influence.

This should be of particular concern for everyone since environmentalists are predicted to be the next wave of Leftist violence when (not if) groups, like ANTIFA, are defeated. Unfortunately, it is looking like an outbreak of massive violence by Leftists will occur soon. It will either be triggered by a major event such as a new financial crisis or with the re-election of Donald Trump.