Aussie mother finds anti-vaccine propaganda in baby formula

Last Tuesday, the Daily Telegraph of Australia reports that Amanda Wilkinson, a mother of four children, bought baby formula while shopping at a Woolworths Westfield’s Whitfords City in Perth. After she got home, she discovered a card claiming that vaccines cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (aka SIDS) on it after she lifted the lid on the baby formula’s can.

Wilkinson was both shocked and furious that anti-vaccine activists would tamper with baby formula in order to disseminate their propaganda. As the Telegraph correctly points out, many studies have been done to determine if there SIDS does occur due to immunizations. However, not only has no link been found, the rates of babies who are vaccinated have lower rates of SIDS incidents than those who are not.

According to the Sidney Morning Herald, the anti-vaccine movement is very organized and active down down under. Anti-vaccine groups have been very effective in getting their claims disseminated to the public at large, despite condemnations from politicians along the medical and scientific communities.

None the less, placing a card in baby formula in order to disseminate information represents not only shrewdness but also a desperate attempt to try to halt the use of and legitimacy of vaccines. The regular bad publicity the anti-vaccine movement gets in Australia maybe having an effect to where their membership maybe questioning and even leaving the movement after realizing they may have been mislead.

Like has been pointed out before, the anti-vaccine movement is an extension of the environmentalist movement. Their intent isn’t to prevent people from contracting autism or prevent people from being poisoned by harmful chemicals, rather it is to ensure that humanity suffers an existence of torment and, eventually, die painful deaths resulting from preventable diseases which is grounded in environmentalist’s hatred of human life.