Noam Chomsky’s climate claims debunked

Leftist hero Noam Chomsky is a habitual liar, fraud and has no qualms about it. In his mind, Chomsky isn’t lying since he’s relaying facts as he believes they should be in true postmodern form. Noam Chomsky isn’t misguided since as a Leftist intellectual he realizes he holds sway somehow since he gets royalties from people he has suckered into buying his books and even attending his speaking engagements.

David Horowitz once called Chomsky the ayatollah of anti-American hate and his embracing human induced climate change is an extension of that since supporting it helps get closer to undermining America, if not Western Civilization in general. A short time ago, a video blogger decided to look at claims Chomsky made about climate change and examined them against the evidence. However, as the quote for the picture of this post points out, to Leftists, like Chomsky, there are no facts only differences of opinion. Trigger warning!