Environmentalist Obstruction Will Be “Even More Significant” This Year

With the festivities of ringing 2018 drawn to a close, environmentalists are gearing up to be even more obstructionist than they were last year. The New York Times reports greens hope to put the brakes on a number of high-profile measures being pursued by the Trump Administration.

For example, the EPA has announced additional hearings about the Clean Power Plan that places restrictions on coal-fired power plants. Back in October, EPA head Scott Pruitt signed off on a declaration that his agency would work to repeal the Obama-era regulatory scheme with one that directs (rather than commands) utility companies that provide power to their customers using coal-fired power plants to implement energy efficient policies.

This would not only aid coal mining companies who have been badly affected by President Obama’s vicious policies at the behest of environmentalist groups targeting the coal industry but also compliment President Trump’s removal of the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. The Natural Resources Defense Council has vowed to sue the Administration if the rules are repealed without a replacement. However, if history is any guide, the only acceptable replacement of Obama’s regulations for environmentalists are stricter rules or no changes at all.

Additionally, The TImes reveals the Trump Administration will also pursue infrastructure spending in which doing so may be accompanied with enacting changes to the Endangered Species Act (ESA). All too often the ESA has been used as a hammer by environmentalists to stop construction. However, former White House Council on Environmental Quality in the Obama administration Christy Goldfuss predicted environmentalists would fight any changes to the ESA too, expecting a bruising battle.

The Endangered Species Act has been used numerous times by environmentalists to even halt building renewable energy edifices like wind and solar farms. To get a sense of what to expect from environmentalists in the coming year, it is best summed up by Utah Republican House member and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop who told The New York Times: You may not see as many fireworks as there were in the past, but I think it’s going to be an even more significant year. One wonders if Bishop’s statement also means more eco-terrorism will occur as well.

Consistent with their philosophy, environmentalists are anti-industry and anti-civilization. They seek to sacrifice the lives of millions by shutting down all power plants and restrict or outlaw the use of fossil fuels and minerals (like coal) that help fuel generators that provide energy to humans in an effort to revert mankind back to primitive living. That includes seeking to stop policies that make it easier for people to use Earth’s resources to benefit humans. By curtailing or outlawing fossil fuel use it makes it easier to kill off humans (except them of course) since our energy use is the key to maintaining a long life span.