The Environment: Freedom’s Battleground in the 90’s

During the 1990’s the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) hosted a conference in Union, Washington. During the gathering, author Robert Bidinotto delivered a lively and poignant lecture on environmentalism and why it is a threat not only to civilization, but also to mankind overall.

In his presentation, Bidinotto describes the evil, altruistic ethics of environmentalist groups like Greenpeace, EarthFIrst!, and animal rights terrorists. He describes in vivid terms the vile hatred expressed by environmentalists toward humans, including the terrible sentiments expressed by some toward seeing AIDS as a means to end human life. Bidinotto also points out the base philosophy of environmentalists including an over view of Deep Ecology, he also describes the origin of violent green groups like Sea Shepherd.

Even though this speech was given in the 1990’s much of the issues Bidinotto covers are just as relevant today as they were then. The threat environmentalist movement poses to our civilization is not an over statement.