UK animal “rights” activists suspected in wolf release

Owner and founder of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust in Beenham, Berkshire, England Theresa Palmer accuses animal rights activists of intentionally releasing a wolf from their facility.

According to the UK Telegraph, on Thursday of last week staff at the sanctuary discovered Toark’s cage was open and the wolf missing, possibly due to meddling. Theresa Palmer is quoted by the Telegraph saying:

When I got to the front of the enclosure I found that the gate was open. I think somebody deliberately opened the gate. A lot of people don’t particularly believe in having animals in captivity.

Soon after the wolf was discovered missing, an intense search for it was conducted by police in which, thankfully, Torak was captured alive several hours later. The experience for area residents was harrowing to say the least. Not only did police order Beenham residents to stay in doors, a local school was locked down.

Despite Wolf Conservation Trust employee assurances that Torak was not a threat, police did not take any chances. The entire experience was frightening enough that one resident was quoted as saying she was shocked and that nothing like this had ever happened where she lives before.

Palmer’s statement about some people not believing animals should be in captivity has some merit. During November of last year, the owner of the Bormann-Moreno circus in France suspected foul play when one of his tigers, named Mevi, was somehow released into the streets of Paris.

Mevi was put down shortly after circus employees reported she was gone. The tiger, however, was more of a threat to people’s lives than Torak.

There have been numerous instances of animal rights activists who have stolen or maliciously let out animals from fur-making facilities and abbatoirs (i.e. slaughter houses).

With these wolf and the tiger releases, it could be an indication that animal rights activists will now let vicious animals out into residential areas as another means to kill humans. The deaths of people would be collateral damage in order to achieve the animal rights movement’s underling goal or just to sacrifice a few more human lives to protect animals from the presence or influence of mankind.