The Political Left’s Manipulation of Children

Tucker Carlson had a very good and prophetic segment of his Fox News show during the middle of March objecting to and revealing how the political Left manipulates and uses children for their own ends pointing to historical examples (such as the Chinese Red Guard). Environmentalists have been indoctrinating children for years but with the recent tragic school shooting in Florida the school kids who survived the heinous act are now the Left’s latest tool being used to take away our freedoms, in this case the right to keep and bear arms.

The Left is all about power through control and destroying the individual’s ability to preserve their life is the surest way to achieve their end. Destroy free speech and doing so makes people easier to manipulate since their thinking capabilities are compromised. Destroy the family and the state becomes the caretaker which removes any semblance of self-reliance. Destroy a person’s freedom to bear arms and defenseless people cannot fight back against the Left’s attempts to achieve and hold on to power. Destroy industry and people must rely on the regime for their sustenance but are easier to execute for disagreeing with them. Nationalize healthcare and dissidents or people deemed unworthy by the Leftist regime can be executed by denial of care.

PHOTO CREDIT: A Chinese Red Guard recruitment and propaganda poster.