Pope Francis Browbeats Oil Executives

Last Monday, The New York Times reported that Pope Francis took time out of his busy schedule to host a conference at the Vatican where money managers and executives of the world’s largest oil companies were assembled allegedly to be urged by the Bishop of Rome to reportedly ask them if they got the message of his three year old encyclical, Laudato Si.

According to The Times, Francis said that, despite the commendable progress oil companies had made on transitioning to less polluting forms of energy, their actions were not enough and that the overall situation regarding the natural environment was dire. In short, what the fossil fuel executives and money managers were treated to was a conference where Francis dished out condemnation and probably with hellfire and damnation mixed in by the Francis and his cohorts.

Where the Church of England conducts the sin of tax avoidance while benefiting from it, the Catholic Church condemns fossil fuels while being the beneficiary of investing in them. Francis makes demands on executives and condemns the very industries that helps make the luxuries and magnificence of civilizations, like those in the West, possible.

According to a 2015 Reuters report, many American Catholic diocese have reported millions of dollars in fossil fuel stock holdings. True about 40 Catholic organizations have elected to divest from fossil fuels but they are a minor amount compared to the hundreds of other Catholic organizations worldwide, and the Vatican itself has not.

Of course Francis’s attitude is not surprising since, despite Laudato Si not being obligatory among Catholics and that mankind shall have dominion over the Earth as outlined in the book of Genesis, these standards obviously don’t apply to the heads of fossil fuel companies and investment firms. Islam, on the other hand, is no better since their embracing oil is merely a tool for Islamic regimes to fund terrorism in order to make war on the infidel West. Plus also that by clamping down on fossil fuel use, it is poor, developing countries that the Catholic Church claims to champion and who will suffer the most since countries in the developing world need access to cheap sources of energy that only fossil fuels can fulfill.

At this juncture, Ayn Rand makes the most sense in demonstrating how evil the altruistic ethic religion (like the Catholic Church) subscribes to and transmits: