The Church of England Virtue Signals on Climate Change

The Telegraph reports Church of England has pledged to divest from investments from companies that fail to tackle climate change. The Anglicans did so allegedly as part of the divestment effort to urge companies and other individuals to divest from fossil fuels out of a concern for the environment.

However, Breitbart England pointed out two years ago that the Church is the largest private owner of UK forestry which is used in the production of biomass energy. This means huge tax breaks for the C of E and one would think that if they were serious about their efforts the Church would sell its position in this area as well.

Yet investing ethically is not as clear-cut as the Church appears to believe. Currently, 4 percent of the Church of England’s investment portfolio is held in sustainable forestry. According to a The Times of London story published in 2015, the church has broadened that investment by purchasing 1705 acres of commercial forestry.

Breitbart also reveals the Church of England also issued statements that tax avoidance is sinful but has no problem using legal avoidance of taxes on its sustainable forestry holdings to skirt paying hundreds of millions of pounds in revenue. Not to mention the fact that biomass fuel production has pushed world food prices up that negatively affect people at or below the poverty line.

Also, the source of much of metropolitan England’s power is the Drax power plant that burns wood chips imported from the United States. This just goes to show that, when it comes to religion (like environmentalism) it is do as I say, not as I do.

NOTE: This is a slightly modified essay from to years ago about a similar subject.