Animal “Rights” Punks To Bear Hunters: We’re Going to Hunt You

With New Jersey’s ban on using state land for the state’s bear hunt being tied up in courts, it still hasn’t stopped opponents of bear hunting from truly expressing themselves.

According to, the state’s hunt is expected to resume in December, but some activists with the BEAR Group are already angered at the prospect of it going on that one person flatly said in the group’s Facebook page that bear hunters need to get shot. Someone would even be nice enough to give hunters a 30min head start before I come hunting.

These are two of several violent posts and even tweets from BEAR Group’s Twitter and Facebook pages that were caught by screenshot by the N.J. Outdoor Alliance (NJOA), one of New Jersey’s pro-hunting organizations. The attorney for BEAR Group, Doris Lin, said they reject all violence against humans and animals. Comments that involve violence are deleted and the users are removed.

However, the fact that comments seeking to conduct acts of violence was in BEAR Group’s Facebook group demonstrates a very real problem among the animal rights movement. The philosophical underpinnings of animal rights are a factor in these scum’s thought process since to equate a human with an animal is to dehumanize people, especially individuals who oppose their political goals or engaged in activities people active in organizations, like BEAR Group, determine to be immoral (like hunting).

Regardless of the reasons, there is no excuse for it and BEAR Group can remove the people who made the threats but it won’t remove their violent underpinnings or thought process and BEAR Group along with other animal rights organizations have no interest in stopping because it can benefit them down the line. Hopefully police are investigating and taking appropriate action against the people involved.

PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons