Scientists Are Playing “Fortnite” to Lecture Kids on Climate Change

Imagine your son or daughter gets home from school and decides to hop on your home computer to play a game of the multiplayer shoot-em-up strategy game Fortnite. To your horror you discover later while eating dinner with them that rather than having fun stopping the bad guys and plotting strategies to do so, they have been chatting with them about the impact CFC emissions have on climate change.

ABC News out of Australia reports climate scientists are playing Fortnite with the expressed purpose of trying to hook kids on to their propaganda. The worst part about it, according to ABC, is that a part of the gaming community really likes the talks the scientists are giving.

If climate alarmists can’t win the debate on climate change they’ll take to mediums to try to indoctrinate young people. Warmists and environmentalists attempted to indoctrinate children with scare tactics like the infamous no pressure campaign (i.e. reduce your carbon footprint or die), published science fiction books in which both efforts flopped but there is no way to really tell how effective this latest attempt will be.

None the less, taxpayers should be incensed that they are paying for these scientists (most of whom are employed by government financed universities) to play videos games in hopes of indoctrinating children about climate change and that they are, essentially, being told that the Earth is deteriorating and it is they and their parent’s fault. A quote attributed to Communist leader Vladimir Lenin says:

Give me one just one generation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.

That is obviously the strategy the climate scientists are using. Hopefully climate skeptic players will find out who is responsible and challenge the scientists doing it in order show the children the other side of the issue.