Climate Expert Charged With Felony Domestic Assault

Aaron Herbert Doering, an acclaimed climate change expert and professor at the University of Minnesota, was charged on Wednesday with choking and beating his fiancée to the point that she feared for her life.

According to KTSP, police were summoned to a report of a domestic assault in progress at an apartment in Minneapolis the day after Christmas. The victim claimed Doering assaulted her during an argument, dragged her around the couple’s apartment by her hair, slapped her and choked her so hard she was unable to breathe.

Unfortunately, the victim says this is not the first time Doering has assaulted her. Prior to this incident, Aaron Doering is not only known for his work in the field of climate change research, but also is one of the faculty of the University of Minnesota, serves as a fellow for the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and has made numerous media appearances to discuss climate change and related issues.

The heart and soul of the Left isn’t just totalitarian but it also embraces violence as a means to achieve its ends. If he is found guilty of what he is accused, it is no surprise that Aaron Doering is violent in some manner since that is the means of which Leftist like him seek to control others which includes evading and even lying about the truth. True men of reason and objectivity seek to understand the world through logic, thoughtful observation and are not afraid to admit when they are wrong nor will they inject their political views into their work.

Thankfully, his fiancée is alive and will and hopefully he will take the time he spends in jail to reflect on what he did and why (if he cares at all). None the less, Aaron Doering’s example is should not only be a lesson in domestic violence but also another demonstration of the violent nature of environmentalists, more specifically, the nihilistic Left.