Study: “Toxic Masculinity” Contributes to Climate Change

Right on the heels of a scientific manuscript asserting white people’s diets harm the environment, The College Fix reports a manuscript published almost three years ago in the Journal of Consumer Research has come back from the grave. In the study, researchers concluded that because men refuse to give up on what they consider to be masculine, it results in lifestyles that are hostile to the environment.

Ultimately, studies like this are done so environmentalists can marginalize more lifestyle choices down the line since more activities are being linked to climate change. That means more abilities to fund raise and more topics to push for laws to regulate and control people.

It just so happens Tucker Carlson was joined by Mark Steyn on Fox News last week while covering this very topic and the results of the exchange are nothing short of hilarious. The publicity for this study is not only what happens when feminists conduct climate research but is also the reason why people aren’t concerned about climate change very much anymore.