Vaccine Opponents Storm Albany to Save Religious Exemptions


Opponents of vaccinations staged a protest at the New York state capitol on Tuesday. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would eliminate religious exemptions for vaccinations, but protestors are trying to kill the bill.

Most of the measles cases in New York have occurred in Orthodox Jewish communities, where an illustrated magazine known as the “PEACH pamphlet” has been circulating. Public health officials said the pamphlet is specifically targeting the community.

The pamphlet falsely links vaccines to autism. But the overwhelming consensus of the scientific community is that vaccines do not cause autism.

The pamphlet’s cover says it is “a project of parent’s educating and advocating for children’s health,” or “PEACH.” That organization’s website posted a statement saying it had nothing to do with the pamphlet, even though it hosted a copy on its website until last month.

CBS News found an address listed for PEACH but nobody there knew about the group.

The rest of the news story is here.

Anti-vaccine environmentalist Rep. Robert Kennedy, Jr. also attended this event to ensure to fight for the rights of viruses to have a safe, clean environment. It isn’t paranoia when environmentalists really are trying to kill you. In this case, they are weaponizing diseases and lying about vaccines.