Animal “Rights” Protesters Attempt to Intimidate CA Horse Racing Panel

One more reminder than animal rights activists aren’t about the humane treatment of animals, rather they are about the animalistic treatment of humans. As the Los Angeles Times reports, a recent hearing of the California Horse Racing Board (CHRB) became tense due to the recent equestrian deaths at Santa Anita Park.

The Jockeys and racehorse owners and animal rights hoodlums had heated exchanges with the so-called protesters making demands rather than meeting to discuss the actual issues surrounding the horses’s unfortunate demise. From the LA Times:

Several of the animal rights’ speakers mentioned California’s alleged complicity in allowing “horse slaughter” or selling horses for meat after their careers were over.

Chuck Winner, chairman of the CHRB, strongly pushed back, challenging anyone who had knowledge of a person brokering horses for slaughter to report them to the CHRB, where, if the claim had merit, the person would face felony charges.

The anti-horse racing speakers offered no evidence of current horse brokering in California, only citing historical information and saying that it exists. (emphasis, mine)

Winner had to exert his authority as chair to bring civility to the meeting as he contested animal activists’ claims that people, such as himself, had profited greatly from horse racing and that taxpayers were financing the CHRB.”

One horse jockey who spoke berated the animal rights group as single women. While he should not have said that and everyone at the meeting should have kept calm, the opponents of horse racing obviously were there to bully the CHRB into closing the horse racing park based on their ideology and feelings rather than the facts.

The horse racing opponents were nothing more than nihilistic prudes seeking to deny people the benefit of horse racing. Years ago, Christian conservative groups were (rightly) berated for decrying and seeking to censor certain rock music songs due to lyrics they claim were Satanic. Now that prudishness has adopted by the political Left who declares forms of sport and entertainment as heresies and seeks to shut them down in the name of sacrificing mankind to the needs of nature.