UK Greenpeace Invaders Provoke Tory MP

The UK media and social media companies are lit up from the latest outrage thanks to Greenpeace. According to ITV News, 40 climate change hoodlums – wearing suits, red dresses and sashes with climate emergency written on them – entered Mansion House in London on Thursday night where Chancellor of the Exchquer Phillip Hammond was going to deliver a speech on the state of Great Britain’s economy.

As Chancellor Hammond was about to begin, one of the punks read an alternative speech, and then another named Janet Barker rushed from her table toward Hammond. MP Mark Field then stood up, stopped Barker and pushed her against a column. The Conservative MP then put a hand on the back of her neck and led her out of the room.

Mark Field was later suspended for his act, despite the fact that the hooligans invaded and tried to disrupt the event while assembled guests felt threatened and British lawmakers have received threats from climate change goons. In short, by Barker and other gangsters assumed the risk of the likelihood of force being directed against them resulting from their presence and the overall political climate the political Left have encouraged. Barker later had the gall to attempt to downplay her actions saying she and her cohorts were only there to deliver a message peacefully when the overall evidence says otherwise.

What happened in London on Thursday is no different when Leftist agitators attempted to disrupt Donald Trump’s political gatherings in 2016. The Leftists enter a social function of their political opponents and disrupt it including acting in order to incite physical hostility only to later claim being victims.

Mark Fields’ only crime is that he prevented a Greenpeace troublemaker from potentially harming Great Britain’s Chancellor of the Exchequer. Fields should not have apologized nor should he have been suspended from his Ministry post since the MP reasonably acted to defend another and even others from harm.

NOTE 06/24/2019: Janet Barker participated in a Greenpeace action days before this incident where she and other intruders trespassed on an oil rig. She also lives off the grid at her residence in Wales.