Environmentalists and Native Indian Allies Block Economic Development in Ecuador

The environmentalist group Amazon Frontlines and their allies from the Waorani indian tribe successfully sued to stop parts of the Amazon rainforest in Ecuador to be sold off for oil exploration. According to SBS News, the two groups consider it a huge win but, in reality, it is the Ecuadorian people whose lives will be devastated. The economic development would have meant jobs and an enhanced standard of living for the people in the region.

This is also another instances where companies will be less likely to do business with Indian tribes since the Waorani claimed that the land affected was ancestral to their people. The same excuse used by American Indian tribes to try to block construction of oil and gas pipelines.

It’s so ironic for environmentalists from wealthy countries along with their complicit Indian tribe allies to tell other people in poor countries how to live. The sick part about it is that, as the below video from the movie Mine Your Own Business reveals, environmentalists (like Amazon Frontlines) really think people in poor countries like being in the conditions their in.