Bernie Sanders Deserves No Sympathy

Bernie Sanders went through heart surgery today and has received well-wishes from people, such as President Trump including other people on social media. I think doing so is a mistake. To do so helps enable people like him to keep up his leftist activism. Bernie Sanders is as evil as other leftists such as Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Schumer, Barack Obama, and Elizabeth Warren.

As the below video reveals. throughout his political career, Bernie Sanders has made excuses for, downplayed, or tried to whitewash the evils of Communist regimes. Would anyone send Sanders prayers or well wishes if he was a Nazi? Why is it that since Sanders is a Socialist it is somehow different? Mussolini started off as a Socialist and Nazism is the abbreviated term for National Socialism. Bernie Sanders is not someone to express sympathy or well-wishes to since he has not shown any compassion or mercy for the people victimized by the ideology he subscribes to: Socialism.