The Sustainability Scam

Environmentalist claims about sustainability do not entail prolonging or even enhancing human life. In reality, the term means the exact opposite. Policies that ban, curb, and lessen human progress can not result in actual sustainability, but actually means destitution, anguish, and (ultimately) death.

True sustainability requires that human life is central to political and societal decision making, and not the absurd, pointless standard of a happier planet. In order for mankind to flourish, the requirements of human survival must be primarily taken into account. It has been our ability to produce through the use of our reason that has sustained and enhanced mankind’s existence throughout human history.

A sustainable future is one in which capitalism and freedom is embraced worldwide. Where billions of people are free to produce, innovate, and voluntarily trade unrestricted from dictators and freeloading bureaucrats who stifle modernization and production. Consider the immense progress that would follow from such an arrangement. New medicines to prolong lives would be made, along with new energy sources, and mankind could even expand his civilization into outer space!

Environmentalists seek to inhibit the lives of people in order to passively await their prophesied global apocalypse or some sort of personal gain for themselves. Advocates of human progress are the true advocates of sustainability – the kind that embraces and cherishes human flourishing while rejecting the evil idea of sacrificing humans to the needs of nature.

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