CrazyMothers Pleads to Stop Being Called “Anti-Vaxxers” Because It’s “Offensive”

By Mia De Graff – Daily Mail

An anti-vaccine group called CrazyMothers has issued a plea to retire the term ‘anti-vaxxers’ because ‘derogatory’.

In social media posts on Sunday, the group said it is ‘dismissivemy [sic] simplistic, highly offensive and largely false’ to call them ‘anti-vaxxers’ despite the fact that their members oppose vaccinations.

The group’s philosophy hinges on debunked studies linking vaccines to diseases and disorders such as autism, a theory peddled by disgraced British doctor Andrew Wakefield, whose work on the subject has been pulled from every journal it was published in.

In their plea, CrazyMothers suggested their new nickname could be ‘Vaccine Risk Aware.’

Other Twitter users suggested, ‘plague enthusiasts’ or ‘dangerously uninformed and insisting that public health experts indulge your fantasies.’