Ex-Obama EPA Chief Gina McCarthy to Head NRDC

Former EPA Chief under the Obama Administration Gina McCarthy is now president and chief executive officer of the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The NRDC has filed numerous lawsuits to prevent the implementation of the Trump Administration’s environmental policies.

The group even sued the EPA under the Obama Administration too. The NRDC, along with other green groups, benefited from the sue-and-settle arrangement the agency had that was part of their efforts to force the agency to enact policies environmentalists wanted. Worst part about it, six years ago it was revealed that the NRDC had even colluded with EPA staff to write the carbon rules used to restrict pollutants from coal-fired power plants.

Once Barack Obama became President, it was well known on Capitol Hill that NRDC staffers worked their way into the EPA and the cadre became known as the NRDC Mafia. Consequently, Environmentalists had little reason to support Congressional candidates in elections since they had bureaucrats in the EPA who could flex its muscle on issues of interest to them. Gina McCarthy was all too willing to help their efforts along too.