Obama Whines About Trump Rolling Back Auto Emission Standards

Citing high unemployment statistics, the Trump Administration rolled back fuel-efficiency standards put in place by President Barack Obama yesterday.

According to The Hill, despite the case made for the new auto emission rules by Trump’s predecessor, there were doubts the new standards would actually save lives and even increase the cost of producing automobiles. The move garnered a frustrated reaction from former President Obama who essentially accused President Trump for not only denying the warnings of a coronavirus pandemic but also engaging in climate denial, neither of which are true.

However, the former President’s whining is laughable considering his net worth is $40 million and would have been easily able to absorb additional costs added to cars due to the new emission rules.

It just so happens that he and his wife purchased a 30-acre beach front property in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts last year for nearly $12 million. If Obama was so concerned about climate change, one of its effects is rising sea levels and Barack and Michelle wouldn’t have splurged for their pretty new pad or, according to Architectural Digest, even vacationed there before buying the home.

The Obamas are real serious about rising sea levels and the effects of greenhouse gases in so far as to how they contribute to climate change and care so much about COVID-19 victims. No, really!