Are “Peace Walls” in America’s Future?

President Donald Trump has personally seen to it that a wall along the U.S. – Mexico border is being constructed to help defend the United States from wrongdoers seeking to enter the country illegally. However, political tensions within the United States have been increasing for sometime, and the circumstance in one European city may spell out America’s future.

Toward the end of the 1990’s, Belfast, Northern Ireland has erected walls in the city as part of an accord in order to keep peace between Protestant and Catholic neighborhoods. The conflict between the two groups has been going on for decades and the walls have reportedly done a lot of diminish tensions. Unfortunately, old wounds once thought mostly healed have been re-opened due to concerns about Brexit and even the region’s power-sharing agreement.

The Catholic section of Belfast tends to be Leftist in its politics while the Protestant area leans more nationalist or Rightward, respectfully. Since the United States has become more partisan resulting from people moving to areas that reflect their politics, and with the unrest that has increased four years ago along with everything (including obituaries) being politicized, one has to wonder if a Belfast-style political (as opposed to religious) situation is in the tea leaves for America.

PHOTO CREDIT: A meme made by (now former) Republican Rep. Steve King of Iowa.