Crowds Gather Outside White House During Election Night

A large crowd of Leftists has gathered outside the White House tonight while election returns are announced. Video footage shows people standing near a fence covered with signs hanging on it, with phrases on them saying things like Resist, Fuck Your Fence, and Black Lives Matter:

According to NBC News, the Department of Homeland Security ordered agents to be ready for possible Election Night unrest. On Monday, Breitbart News states workers erected security barriers around the White House and other federal properties in anticipation of mayhem today.

Over the summer, a White House Siege was announced by the environmentalist group AdBusters that was supposed to occur in September and last until Election Day, but was cancelled due to lack of interest. This latest effort has been undertaken by ShutdownDC who announced their intentions during mid-October and this is very likely an extension of the efforts outlined by the Sunrise Movement and other Leftist groups.