Trump’s Lawfare Path to Victory?

Before final results are in, not surprisingly, Nancy Pelosi and her media allies are declaring victory, calling Joe Biden president-elect and claiming he has a mandate. Despite Joe Biden’s conciliatory speech today calling for an end to partisan warfare, one of his policy advisers, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, didn’t get the memo. AOC is heading up an effort to compile lists of Trump supporters in order to hold them accountable.

However, Joe Biden’s victory might be short-lived. Breitbart News has an intriguing article quoting U.S. Representative Mo Brooks (R-AL). He says House Republicans could assist President Trump in retaining the presidency under the Constitution and federal law in light of the questions raised by Trump and with, what looks like, intentional manipulation of vote totals due to irregularities.

Mark Levin recently tweeted a way that state legislatures can help Trump and the Left is also panicking at the prospect of the president remaining despite having lost the election. So much so, that back in July two authors took to Newsweek listing other legal methods (i.e. lawfare) that Trump can utilize. No doubt the president has gleefully taken notes.