Supreme Court Sidesteps Texas Case Controversies

For the first time ever, the Supreme Court of the United States went against two precedents it set: one man one vote and accepting cases well within their jurisdiction (which the Texas case clearly was). This being the case, the court just made it possible for or increased the likelihood of an eventual break up of the union.

The president’s attorneys and the Texas Attorney General laid out all of the abridgements of voting rights as evidenced by the mishandling of ballots including how they were processed. This on top of states Texas sued who circumvented their own laws in order to enact mail-in ballots. All of this was a matter of public record.

The court shirked its responsibility to address the legitimate claims and, in light of this, Red states will have little reason to remain. The last war fought over secession was not only due to slavery but when it is appropriate for political bodies within the U.S. to leave. As a result of the Supreme Court’s move today, there are plenty of legitimate reasons to leave the union now.

UPDATE 12/11/20: After the Supreme Court’s rejection of their case, the Texas Republican Party is reportedly considering secession.

UPDATE 12/12/20: One U.S. House Rep. is demanding Texas’ representatives not be seated due to their support of the state’s lawsuit.

PHOTO CREDIT: The U.S. Supreme Court building from the front. By Joe Ravi, CC BY-SA 3.0,