Proof There Was Widespread Vote Fraud During 2020 Election

Regardless about claims of voting irregularities or fixed ballots, the legacy media’s constant, irresponsible assertion, that there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud is flatly not true. As it turns out, Just the News provides the clearest example: a Navajo tribe bribery scheme. This ploy spearheaded by leftist groups was in violation of federal law and, not surprisingly, most news outlets either refuse to report about or will not investigate it.

This campaign was widespread and even the Arizona Republic credited the effort as the reason for the Copper State state flipping for Joe Biden while conveniently leaving out the bribery that was central to it. Joe Biden returned the favor by naming the tribe’s health director, Jill Jim, to his COVID-19 Advisory Board in which Jim supports lockdowns. The Navajo tribe is also located in many states such as Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, and Utah.

ADDENDUM 12/12/20: Two more videos of people with the Native Vote Project advertising their vote fraud scheme. Worst of all, this vote fraud campaign also had the backing of NativeVote which is a project of the National Congress of American Indians that is funded in part by George Soros’ Open Society Institute.