Biden Prefers to Destroy American Jobs for a Prairie Chicken

As part of Biden’s relentless effort to destroy the fossil fuel industry and ruin employment opportunities, officials with the Fish and Wildlife Service are proposing to list the lesser prairie chicken as an endangered species. According to The Washington Post, if implemented, the new rule would not only reverse another Trump wildlife policy, but will ad restrictions to oil and gas extraction that takes place on the Permian Basin. The rock formation is not only located in Texas and New Mexico, but is also a major source of petroleum that greatly contributes to the economies of both states. From The Post:

““I think it could have a substantial impact on oil and gas and energy development,” said Wayne D’Angelo, a lawyer with the firm Kelley Drye & Warren who has represented energy interests on such issues. “It’s a threat that sort of kills investment and causes problems” if the landowner modifies the birds’ habitat.

Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Clay Nichols told reporters that the “things that would be prohibited” may include actions that lead to the “take” — or harm — to prairie chickens, or loss or fragmentation of their habitat.”

Environmentalists, not surprisingly, are ecstatic about the FWS’s proposal. With Biden’s radical Interior Secretary, Debra Haaland, no doubt the endangered species classification for the lesser prairie chicken will go through regardless of objections raised about it, the threat it poses to American jobs, and the negative impact it will have on ordinary Americans.

As The Post points out, the Fish and Wildlife Service tried to enact a similar rule six years ago, but it was overturned in court and the regulation was vacated a year later. Fortunately, after assuming office, Trump took no further action on the topic which, in turn, allowed oil and gas extraction on the Permian Basin to continue. Hopefully, the new regulation can suffer the same fate of the last one, but there’s no guarantee it will.