Fauci Should Be Subject of “Criminal Investigation”

Earlier today Buzzfeed News published excerpts of over 3,000 emails obtained by Freedom of Information requests from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s email box from January to June 2020. The Washington Post published parts of almost 900 emails they obtained from March and April 2020. CNN also obtained emails from February of last year, but they are not very legible due to being heavily redacted.

The correspondence offers insights into Fauci’s busy schedule and the polite but to the point demeanor he had during the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The emails not only give observations of the weight of the role he played during that time, they also include exchanges of him having knowledge of gain of function research his agency funded despite his denying it ever took place.

As a result of the revelations surrounding the released emails, Fauci is reportedly being considered for termination by the Biden administration. Tucker Carlson weighed in with a blunt message about the impact of emails in on his Fox News show today.