Analysis: Green Energy Push, Not Russian Invasion, Spiking Oil Prices, Endangers Security

France closed down a lot of their nuclear power plants, switched to using natural gas and coal, But when coal and gas prices went too high, they started re-opening nuclear plants along with build new ones. Atomic energy is an abundant source of power and has much less carbon emissions than fossil fuels. Not surprising that many politicians, especially in the U.S., oppose it. This is a very good news story by Breitbart.

Analysis: Push for Green Energy Not Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Driving up Oil Prices, Threatening Security

By Penny Starr, February 26th, 2022, Breitbart

The website posted an analysis about how the push for green energy years before Russia invaded Ukraine – and on steroids since Joe Biden became president – is to blame for soaring oil prices and foreign policy weakness.

The analysis begins with a story about a team from MetalMinder, “the largest metals-related media site in the U.S.”, on a trip to Germany in 2018 where they discovered people’s health suffered from coal pollution because after the Japanese Fukushima nuclear disaster it began shutting down its nuclear energy operations.

“In hindsight, that decision by Germany appears both foolish and ironic,” the team concluded. “Foolish because Germany has lost its negotiating power (pun intended) with Russia for which it relies.  It’s ironic because the country already had ‘clean energy’ but now must turn back to dirty energy to avoid blackouts.”