Biden Transportation Secretary Interested In Ban On Gas-Powered Cars

Biden Transportation Secretary, Pete Buttigieg, was recently interviewed on KTTV‘s “The Issue Is” program and when asked by show host Elex Michaelson about a California-style federal gas-powered car ban, Buttigieg expressed interest in the idea.

Remember, Buttigieg made a let them eat cake-style statement last year essentially stating if people want to avoid high gas prices, they should buy electric cars. Ironically enough, he made that statement five days after his boss announced the Department of Energy would release 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to combat rising gas prices. 

Additionally, earlier this month with California’s power grid strained due to a recent heatwave, electric vehicle owners in the Golden State were asked not to charge their cars almost a week after California regulators banned the sale of gas-powered cars from being sold there.

One can only imagine the debacle California will be in if millions of electric car owners decide to charge their vehicles and what would happen if we took California’s idea and applied it nationally. The Biden administration clearly knows this but doesn’t care. Never doubt that in any society and in every age that there are groups of people who love watching the world burn.