New Zealand Proposes Livestock Fart and Burp Tax

New Zealand revealed a proposal today that will begin in 3 years to tax farmer’s for their livestock emissions. The suggested burp and fart tax would be the first of its kind and, no doubt, New Zealand is looking for another source of revenue due to the country’s slowing economy.

According to Reuters, the gas tax proposal is geared to:

The proposal includes incentives for farmers who reduce emissions through feed additives, while on-farm forestry can be used to offset emissions. Revenue from the scheme will be invested in research, development and advisory services for farmers.

However, even Reuters noticed the overall risks of such a proposal saying (emphasis mine):

The proposal would potentially be the biggest regulatory disruption to farming since the removal of agricultural subsidies in the 1980s, said Susan Kilsby, agricultural economist at ANZ Bank.

What environmentalists want is to shut down all farming and the disruptive nature of such a tax can contribute to their goal. Imagine a farmer reducing his livestock because of the onerous nature of the flatulence, or gas, tax. The mean greens know cows and sheep will keep farting and burping regardless if humans eat meat or not. But, remove the cognitive benefits of meat, and people also become a lot easier to manipulate and control. Just ask vegans.