Tucker Carlson Unmasks the Left

Like I have pointed out before, the environmentalist movement is not only a wing of the political Left but is also part of the Marxist tradition. As Tucker Carlson implied in his Fox News show opening monologue last night, the Left’s hiding Joe Biden is indicative of what is behind their mask. It is the dark realm of totalitarianism and, what is more concerning, is they’re being quite open about their intentions. If any of this doesn’t spur you to at least register and vote Republican in November, I don’t know what will. Tucker is increasingly expressing concern about what is happening in America and it’s very likely his bluntness largely reflects the frustrations of his audience including people watching recent events from the sidelines.

If you notice, the sarcasm and humor that was usually present in Tucker Carlson’s monologues has been replaced with calling out the Left for their censorship and violence while directly confronting their snide, patronizing wokeness and double standards, and that is a good thing. It’s because of monologues like last night’s (which is below if you would like to watch it) that Tucker has the highest rated show in cable television history. From now on I strongly suggest if someone accuses you of racism, sexism, misogyny, etc. loudly and publicly push back against them. If your employer tries to sanction you in some way for your political views or associations, don’t take that sitting down either. We must fight back against this creeping totalitarian cancer.

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