Environmentalists To Obstruct Congressional Baseball Game

Almost five years after Bernie Sanders supporter, James Hodgkinson, shot at Republican lawmakers practicing for the 2017 Congressional Baseball Game, an environmentalist group named Now Or Never is threatening to disrupt the Congressional Baseball Game that will take place on July 28th.

“On July 28th, we will converge en masse on the Congressional Baseball Game. If our politicians have failed to deliver, we will shut it down,” the group’s website says. “We will not stand by, watching them play games while the world burns. Everything we love is at stake. Our safety, our future, our one and only home. It’s time to leave everything on the field.”

However, Now Or Never’s threats don’t stop at climate change and it looks like they are expecting their demands will not be met. The group also says on their website that if “strong climate legislation” is not enacted by Aug. 5, they will “see to it that Democratic senators hear from us when they fly home empty handed.”

It gets better. If nothing is done by Sept. 30th, Now Or Never will take “highly disruptive, mass direct action that fundamentally disrupts business as usual in D.C.”

“Failure will have serious consequences,” Now Or Never warns. The organization’s parent group is the Action Network which just so happens to share the same address as a few other leftist organizations funded by none other than George Soros.

With the various groups funded by the left, including violent tge thugs of ANTIFA and EarthFirst!, such broad-sounding, threatening statements including saying things like [i]t’s time to go all out, along with the 5th anniversary of James Hodgkinson’s attempted murder of GOP lawmakers, indicates acts of violence could be on the table.

However, you can’t say Now Or Never isn’t even-handed since they target both Democrats and Republicans. Hopefully the F.B.I. is investigating and will stop these misfits.