Germany Panics As Millions Could Be Without Heat This Winter

With Russia cutting gas supplies to Europe and the consequent rise in gas prices, the Daily Mail reveals German politicos are panicked at the prospect of millions of Germans being without heat when winter arrives. Europe’s main provider of natural gas, Russia, has reduced their gas output to Europe by 20% and, while Germany is trying to address this, no one in the European Union is ready to dump their whacky climate change proposals, including admit their sanctions penalize them more than Russia.

However, the Associated Press reported in June, Germany has constructed a huge thermos that will reportedly store millions of gallons of hot water in order to help Germans heat their homes if Russian gas supplies end. The only problem is that the AP says the vat will be powered by electricity from solar and wind plants across the country, in which those renewable energy sources are inadequate sources of power.

Russia wants the natural gas they provide to Europe paid in rubles, but none of the European countries service(d) by Gazprom are willing to cooperate obviously in an effort to virtue signal over Russia’s military operation in Ukraine. Hence, Russia decided to cut European countries off and, as a result, Europeans (especially Germans) will suffer greatly due to their politician’s incompetence. Unfortunately, it is looking like things will have to get real bad, before Europeans realize the error of their ways, but by then it may be too late.